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Pulse Credit Solutions started during one of America's most recent economic downturns. The housing crisis and unemployment was crippling the US economy and joblessness continued to soar. Because of this, many families lost homes, lost their investments, and could not repay their existing debt, resulting in a surge of credit problems for the average American.

With over two decades of experience, one of the founders wanted to do their part in helping people rebuild their credit, live and inspired life and help others experience the stress-free lifestyle they deserve thus Pulse Credit Solutions began ...  

The positive impact on the lives PCS helped was immediate and profound. People began referring their friends and family members with the same credit issues who were also seeking a fresh start.  What started out as a two-person credit restoration service has now grown into a full-scale credit solutions company, employing passionate credit specialists to personally oversee your journey to credit recovery.

To this day Pulse Credit Solutions helps customers achieve their perfect credit scores. We do this by managing the business legally and handling cases ethically, because we understand our clients needs and we understand the law. 

We have helped thousands of people improve their credit and gain back their financial confidence and improved their quality of life.  We have helped our clients achieve their dreams of home ownership, purchase a new car, be debt free, tackle student loans, take that dream vacation and the list goes on... 

Our services include a free consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive analysis that includes an action plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule. We also provide optional products that will help you get there quickly and effectively.  This is how we guarantee your perfect credit success.

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No doubt in your search for the best credit repair company, you will find a myriad of companies and DIY services. Pulse Credit Solutions takes the guesswork out of the search by openly listing our practices and advantages so the consumer can make empowered educated decisions in credit repair.